Pancreatic Cancer has the highest mortality rate of any cancer. In 2020, Pancreatic Cancer is projected to become the 2nd leading cause of Cancer-related deaths in the United States – responsible for taking the lives of more than 56,700 people each year and growing. Join the fight against Pancreatic Cancer by participating in the FCSP Foundation Dunk for a Cure event. 

Stand in solidarity with all those fighting Cancer and get the FCSP T-Shirt. 

A portion of all sales goes directly to Pancreatic Cancer research.

Pancreatic Cancer


Pancreatic Cancer is hard to detect. Here are the facts about Pancreatic Cancer. 



FCSP is a mantra that anyone affected by Cancer can get behind. Find out what we can do to bring the mantra to life. 

Get Involved


Anyone can get involved. Let us help you find the most impactful way for you to aide the fight against Pancreatic Cancer. 

Annual Event


Join your friends and some pretty cool strangers to raise money to FCSP. 

DWYW Fundraising


Do you have a creative way to FCSP? If so, we can help you  develop that idea into a viable fundraising opportunity. 

Family Support


Connecting with other people in treatment, support, or with experience with Pancreatic Cancer is important.